Mental Health Awareness Week 14th – 20th May

Mental Health Awareness Week 14th – 20th May

Is your workforce prepared for Mental Health Awareness week in May?
Starting on the 14th May, this years focus is on stress, something we all have from time to time.
What matters most is talking about it and dealing with it, so please think ahead and plan a great week!
Popular activities to run in the workplace include:
  • Workshops to raise mental health awareness across your organisation
  • Workshops to help build personal and team resilience
  • Signposting to local charities, who can provide support for your employees and help with fund-raising events
  • Webinars for line managers to help them spot signs and symptoms of stress and mental health
  • Desk drop campaigns such as leaflets and giveaways, which will detail valuable help and support
If you do need some help and guidance on how to have a hugely successful mental health awareness week, Let’s talk on 01924 666295.