Let’s Get Healthy empowers Co-op Customer Service Centre colleagues to handle loss with confidence

Let’s Get Healthy empowers Co-op Customer Service Centre colleagues to handle loss with confidence
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Corporate health and wellbeing provider Let’s Get Healthy has designed and delivered a campaign called ‘Heart’ to the colleagues of Co-op helping customers who have recently lost a loved one.

Co-op is continuing to innovate in its Customer Service Centre by recognising the need to support colleagues whose daily role is speaking to highly vulnerable customers, coping with the different stages of grief. These roles are often not recognised for their complexity and the pressure that comes from them and at times, putting colleagues at risk of stress and anxiety. Co-op is leading the industry, offering specialist, skills-based training to attract and retain top talent.

Colleagues said of the training: “Great workshop, really engaging, content very well targeted and a lot of work clearly put into making it specifically relevant to us.  Trainer was brilliant and really gained trust and buy-in from whole group.”

Following a successful pilot of the campaign in November 2018, the programme will be delivered across the Customer Service Centre starting in April. Heart covers the latest evidence-based techniques to improve resilience, by understanding the stages of grief and how to be sensitive and have courage when dealing with bereaved customers. The campaign includes a briefing session with senior managers, a one-day face to face course and a seven-week plan of activity, led by team leaders and operations managers, to embed the learnings.

With an increasing battle for talent the Heart campaign is being rolled out to all new and existing members of the Customer Service Centre and will form part of the leadership programme for the growing, awarding winning team.

Claire Carroll, Head of Member and Customer Services at Co-op, said: “Investing in our people is critical to ensuring we retain and attract great talent and provide the very best service possible to our customers. Heart has helped my team be brave hearted and resilient when coping with the pressure of this critical role.

“We have great people working for us and our partners are no exception. We needed an organisation to listen and understand our very unique challenges and deliver a tailored solution. This is the third year we have worked with the team at Let’s Get Healthy and we have seen huge benefits year on year.

“We want to make sure that colleagues are not only skilled at their job but that they can go home, switch off and have brilliant times with their friends and family. We know providing a campaign that improves resilience is what both new and existing colleagues demand. We are asked in interviews what provisions we make for health and wellbeing, and Heart demonstrates we can increase skill levels and resilience at the same time.”

Maria Bourke, Managing Director of Let’s Get Healthy, added: “Colleagues who support customers that have recently lost a loved one, are a high-risk group who don’t often receive the appropriate training. Co-op Cares and recognises that emotive situations can take a toll on people’s health and is acting responsibly to empower its colleagues to build their resilience.

“Bereavement is not just about death, loss can come in many guises such as financial, relationship and employment. Recognising that everyone has something going on in their life is important as vulnerability can come in many forms.”

Let’s Get Healthy was recently named Gold Winner at the 2018 Employee Experience Awards in the category of Health & Wellbeing. The Leeds-based company boasts diverse sector experience, and currently operates as corporate wellbeing providers to the likes of William Hill, G’s Fresh, Travis Perkins and Northern.

Co-op has over 4,000 stores in the UK, a large service centre and Co-op Funeralcare is the UK’s number one funeral services provider.

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