Fully branded websites

In the age of instagram, facebook and twitter employees are looking for relevant, inspiring health and wellbeing education and information.

We design bespoke, branded websites for our clients that are smartphone, tablet enabled and are proven to engage vast numbers of employees across the globe.

Content is designed and developed in-house with consideration to your brand tonality.

Sugar Monster

E-learning has to be fun and relevant. We find that designing and delivering team based learning via gamification is far more engaging than standard e-learning.

Our team-based learning provides a competitive edge, leader boards, all comms and promotional materials. We design online learning based on the result of our health diagnostics ensuring it is integrated into the overall health and wellbeing activity.

Behaviour driven by analytics

The fantastic opportunity online services bring to our clients is the mass behavioural data they have instant access to. Our in-house team can change campaigns, amend question sets and respond to employee feedback swiftly ensuring our clients engagement levels remain high at all times.