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ACCA Think Ahead with ``Better Me, Better Team, Better Us``

Anne-Marie Russell – Wellbeing Consultant at ACCA says 'Our line managers are the heart of everything we do at ACCA. The insight sessions and focus groups I ran with the help of Let’s Get Healthy has meant the training has been really well received. Over the next 2 years we will be designing more training and I can also see the positive impacts of the training so am very excited about what the future holds.'

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G’s Fresh Cultivate the Ground for Employee Wellbeing

According to NICE there’s a cost of £29 billion to UK businesses as a result of illness with 27 million days of lost work each year.
After a visit from Dame Carol Black, Senior Health Advisor on workplace health, G’s are sowing the seeds for employee wellbeing. On top of the Health and wellbeing element in their Thrive programme for graduate managers, G’s are now working with partner Let’s Get Healthy.
Maria Bourke, Managing Director at Let’s Get Healthy said “We feel privileged to work with G’s on such a crucial element of their business. Employee health and wellbeing is high on the government agenda. How people feel mentally, emotionally and physically in their workplace needs considered thought and provision by business leaders. G’s are cultivating a positive ethos with workplace health with our support”.
Neil Catton, Operations Manager at G’s said “We are already feeling positive from the insight workshops and now trust the expertise of Let’s Get Healthy to design a tailored strategy for us. We provide the major retailers in the UK and Europe with the finest salads and vegetables. Pressure to meet demands falls at every level of the company. We consider employee health and wellbeing a vital part of operations and want to support our staff by best practice.”