Dealing with loss and grief

Providing guidance, help and support for employees who deal with vulnerable customers. Delivered virtually or face to face - 2 x 3 hour sessions supported by online learning.

Many of us work day to day supporting families, customers and colleagues who have lost a loved one. HEART training workshops will help your employees build resilience to these work challenges.

HEART is packed full of tools and techniques to help us switch off after work, release the emotional pressure and prevent the potential mental problems often associated with our work.

Staying mentally strong - You learn tools and techniques to be mentally strong today than you were yesterday so can have mental energy at home as well as at work

Switching off and sleeping well – essential to recharge and recover from the challenges of supporting what often are very vulnerable adults

Being active – both mentally and physically at the time that works for you. Often those is supporting roles, give our all at work and then head home shattered and too tired to exercise

Knowing where you can go for help and support – those of us who support others are brilliant at signposting them to help but how often do you talk to others about your needs

Get in touch for more information if you would you like to know how we can help with handling loss.


Great session, everything explained really well by the trainers. Workshop will be great for new team members, was needed a few months earlier for colleagues already involved


It was productive and enlightening on how to manage your anxiety and to observe complaints differently using the 3 HEART technique.


I thought Tracy was fantastic. It was really engaging. Liked that we went off to do tasks and watch videos and how lots of the team shared videos and talked too.


The need to understand the definitions and the emotions of losing someone or being a vulnerable customer is important, even though you may have not experienced going through those situations yourself. To be able to understand the experience and emotions means that you can be more equipped in handling those difficult calls in the best way possible