Mental Health

Having confident conversations and spotting the signs and symptoms.

Mind Matters - Mental Health Awareness

Mind Matters is a full day’s training course for manager’s that can give you tips to help with how you deal with stressful situations, as well as ensuring that you can relay this back to your team.
This is a full day workshop and the sessions will include:

What you need to know about mental health

What stress is and how to speak to your team about it

What depression and anxiety is

How to have great conversations with struggling team members

Back to work – What can I/should I ask?

Workbook full of hints and tips to take away


Today has helped the group to understand mental health in the workplace. To look at mental health differently. To engage better with staff.

Travis Perkins
Senior Manager

best course I have been on in ages. It was a really informative session. I feel better equipped to support my team doing a difficult and challenging time for the organisation. Thank you for a high energy, high impact workshop.

Zoological Society of London | ZSL Zoos | London | Whipsnade‎
Senior Manager

Great day, very informative and learnt a lot of useful skills to use with my team if required.

Travis Perkins
Senior Manager

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Heads Up

“All the team thoroughly enjoyed module three, which is great as we thought they could be hesitant about getting ‘stuck in’. They said there was a really good balance between the personal links and benefits to themselves vs the commerciality of how they can apply this to the workplace on calls with managers or face to face. The sessions were fun and interactive and really encouraged participation from everyone and the informality of it meant no one was afraid of taking part. They valued the investment in themselves and everyone felt motivated during and after the session, with most people making changes to their lifestyles for the better which is amazing. Following on from this we’re encouraging changes in the office and our WOW too and this will be ongoing.”
“The facilitators really made a difference to the session and this definitely couldn’t have been done in house. The team really valued their external expertise, qualifications and knowledge. Therefore they were quickly seen as credible and earned the respect of the colleagues, but also the style used (fun, not patronising etc.) lead to the team enjoying the session the whole way through.”

“Good pace. Great energy. Lots of interaction and participation. Loved the Socratic questions”

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