Mental Health Awareness

A virtual or face to face mental health awareness training course that is designed to support employers, line managers and HR professionals in having confident conversations with colleagues who have and are showing early signs and symptoms of mental health problems.

Delivered - Virtually over Zoom or MS Teams or face to face
Duration - 1 or 3 hours
Group size - up to 12 learners per workshop

To demonstrate a good understanding and be able to communicate why mental health is so important

To be able to correctly spot indicators, warning signs and links between stress and poor mental health (especially anxiety and depression)

To clearly articulate and understand your roles and responsibilities as a manager and as a colleague when dealing with mental health problems

To confidently have conversations with colleagues about their mental health and effectively signpost to support

To implement a robust action plan for you to improve your own mental health and that of your team

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E-learning courses

Award winning, CPD certified, mental health e-learning courses that are highly interactive and inspire change.

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