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“Working with the Let’s Get Healthy team on our staff health checks couldn’t be easier. They are professional, flexible and enthusiastic.  Our staff group works shifts and being able to provide health checks up to 10pm really allowed us to support our staff group.

The Let’s Get Healthy team goes beyond the quick health MOT and provides lifestyle advice tailored to our staff needs to help them make positive changes in their lifestyle.  The personalised health check reports each staff member receives at the end of the check allows them to take away the results without forgetting them.

I would recommend Let’s Get Healthy for anyone considering offering health checks as they understand people and how to support them to make simple positive changes in their lifestyle.

As an employer, the summary reports also allow us to build in health and wellbeing action plans moving forward to allow us to tackle the health issues really impacting on our staff.”

Queens Cross Housing – Health Checks

“Investing in our people is critical to ensure we provide the very best service possible to our Customers, Colleagues and Members. My advisors and managers are the experts and their jobs are to fix problems and retain customer loyalty. They see first-hand everyday processes, products and levels of service that could be better. I need them to feel confident and comfortable to be able to raise suggestions of how Co-op can improve and to have done the thinking that ensures that any proposals of change benefits all 3 elements of Customer, Colleague and the business.

Let’s Get Healthy introduced  us to the concept of The Box Effect. This is an amazing simple method of working ideas, suggestions and problems into well thought through proposals for change.

The Team work element was great and the guys had real fun in the sessions. We  now have some great plans to improve what we do and a highly motivated and engaged team who feel valued and listened to.”
Head of Co-op Customer & Membership Services – The Co-op

“What I’ve found particularly impressive about the Let’s Get Healthy workshops and how they work with us in general is that they make a huge effort to understand how our business operates so that they’re using our language, aligning to our strategy and supporting our objectives and KPIs. This is key when it comes to landing messages and getting buy-in from our people as it’s a seamless story that makes sense.”
Virgin Media – Mind Matters

“The staying on top form workshop covered an interesting and important topic. The importance of resilience in the workplace as a buffer to stress has never been greater than it is currently. Equally important is the ability to think rationally rather than emotionally in the business context; both for decision making and building/maintaining working relationships. Many people forget how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance and look after all aspects of your health – this notion was explored and concisely explained by the LGH team.

For our interns who took the workshop, and as is often the case, there were a few misplaced views on mental health and wellbeing. LGH explained how vital it is to be able to spot the signs and symptoms of poor mental health (in yourself and your staff) in a manner that was both non-threatening and easily understood. In summary, a thoughtfully conceived workshop, delivered by professionals that will prove extremely valuable to your staff; highly recommended.”
Staying on to form workshops – Godolphin

“Maria ran a high impact session for our Top 100 leader community which was really well received and the team left hungry for more! Since then a number of leaders have taken the learning forward for themselves and their teams. Maria an the team at Let’s Get Healthy are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working together in the future.”
Top 100 leaders event – the Co-op

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session. The day flew by. I felt engaged throughout. Trainer made the whole group feel very comfortable and dealt with challenging members of the group well. The most engaging training I have attended!”
Co-op – buzz resilience workshop

“Fantastic trainer and really brings to life the material to real life examples. Very knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellbeing.”
Yorkshire Building Society – Power Up for Success – Resilience workshop

“Really insightful and a bit of a relief , was good to know how healthy my body is on the inside! It was really quick and covered off more than I was expecting. The health leader was very friendly and put my mind at ease as I was a little embarrassed getting on the scales. It was a really positive experience and I’d definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”
Virgin Media – G1 Lifestyle – Health Checks

“Lets Get Healthy are great fun to work with and extremely committed to understand their clients business. All of the team are experts in their field and thrive off working in collaboration. The programme was specifically designed with our business in mind, delivered with creativity and modern wellbeing.”
DHL Automotive – HR BP