Building team and personal resilience

Resilience Training

“Be Your Best Self encourages you to think about how can you make your life better. It uses good trust worthy resources and breaks up some of the reading/thinking with videos.”

Be Your Best Self is a 90 minute virtual workshop supported by 8 modules of online learning.

Build up personal resilience to everyday stress experienced inside and outside of work. Packed full of tools and techniques, your employees will work at their own pace and learn through interactive quizzes, games and videos.

Understand the behaviours and definition of personal resilience

Learn tools and techniques that enable you to power up mental energy, positivity and remain motivated

Understand the positive impact, physical activity, positive language and working with a buddy can have on your mental health

Identify and understand personal triggers for stress and the tools and techniques to improve both mental and emotional personal resilience

Develop a practical set of goals and know where to go for support if needed

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