Award winning, CPD certified health & wellbeing training workshops that are highly interactive and inspire change.

If you're an employer, line manager, L&D or HR professional looking to power up the brilliance of your staff, and to progress with your commitment to professional development, then we have the perfect selection of CPD certified training courses for you.

Mental Health Awareness Training Online

Headsmart: Mental Health Awareness Training

Training employers, line managers and HR professionals to be HEADSMART, allowing them to have confident conversations regarding mental health with their staff.

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Resilience Training

Be Your Best Self: Resilience Training

Provides valuable tools and techniques to help you and your staff build personal resilience and to BE YOUR BEST SELF.

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Health and wellbeing champion training

The training will upskill learners to improve colleague personal resilience; have positive conversations about mental health; understand the signs; indicators of stress; anxiety; depression and lead activities within their local colleague community.

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Beating Burnout: Stress & Wellbeing Training

Understand what burnout in the workplace is, what causes it and know how to prevent it.

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Online Bereavement Training

Heart: Bereavement Training – Dealing with Vulnerable Customers, Loss & Grief

Provides help, support and guidance in bereavement to help you and your employees communicate with vulnerable customers.

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Thriving in times of change

Packed full of tools and techniques to help both leaders& colleagues understand the process of change.

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Key features

What is CPD accreditation?

  • Fun and upbeat
  • Tailored to reflect your employees needs
  • Covering all shifts
  • Hints and tips for line managers
  • Signposting to helpful resources and support
  • Engaging invites and promotion
  • Reporting
  • Post survey feedback
  • Certificate of achievement issued
  • CPD accredited

Give your business the satisfaction and quality assurance of CPD accredited courses

CPD ensures that you maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills you need to deliver a professional service to your customers, clients and the community

CPD ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date

Focused CPD opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas

CPD Certified Mental Health Training



"I really enjoyed the workshop. It opened my eyes to mental health/wellbeing and what I can do to help my team out. The NHS links were a great tool to assist me in the future'.

Be Your Best Self

"Positive and thought provoking, practical and realistic so resonates. I would highly recommend the online training. It’s very interactive and informative”


“The training was full of different learnings around mindfulness, empathy, coping with emotions that I’ll be able to use in my job and in my personal life. Enjoyable and educational.”

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