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Stress & Wellbeing Training Online

Mental health awareness

HEADSMART is a workshop designed to support line managers to have great conversations with colleagues who have and are showing early signs of mental health problems.
The course helps them to demonstrate a good understanding and communicate why mental health is so important, be able to correctly spot indicators, warning signs and links between stress and poor mental health (especially anxiety and depression), clearly articulate and understand their roles and responsibilities as a manager, to confidently have conversations with colleagues about their mental health and effectively signpost to support.

Building personal resilience

Be Your Best Self online learning is packed full of games, quizzes and videos to help learners understand how to build and maintain personal resilience to everyday stress. Each module is broken into bite-sized learning and signposts to external free UK support and emails the learner a certificate of completion.
Modules include:
The definition of resilience and associated behaviours
Importance of support and finding a buddy
How to stay physically and mentally energised
How to switch off and calm the brain
How to work in a fast paced environment and have great quality sleep
How to have a positive mindset, work to your strengths and kickstart your motivation
Developing an action plan and staying in control

Handling loss and grief with confidence

Front line staff contact centre employees now face vulnerable customer challenges on a daily basis, their own mental health and personal resilience is suffering as a result. The Financial Conduct Authority published research carried out just before the coronavirus pandemic, showed that 24m people displayed one or more 'characteristics of vulnerability' which can include problems with mental health, financial resilience, capability and coping with life events such as bereavement.
HEART recognises the importance of supporting employees who speak to vulnerable customers coping with different stages of grief. This blended learning package allows your employees to look at vulnerability through the lens of loss. The workshop is supported by its own e-learning website and is packed with practical techniques to support vulnerable customers and personally build resilience to these daily challenges.
Recognising that vulnerability can come in many forms. Learners have included funeralcare, care/social care workers, front line contact centre employees, health professionals and health & safety reps.
There is an additional workshop for line managers too, which helps them embed a plan of activity to keep the HEART learnings alive.

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Great session, everything explained really well by the trainers. Workshop will be great for new team members, was needed a few months earlier for colleagues already involved


It was productive and enlightening on how to manage your anxiety and to observe complaints differently using the 3 HEART technique.


I thought Tracy was fantastic. It was really engaging. Liked that we went off to do tasks and watch videos and how lots of the team shared videos and talked too.


The need to understand the definitions and the emotions of losing someone or being a vulnerable customer is important, even though you may have not experienced going through those situations yourself. To be able to understand the experience and emotions means that you can be more equipped in handling those difficult calls in the best way possible


Great for helping to build confidence around support


Really good session. I have a much better knowledge on how I can help and support others in my team.


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