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"A great session, fully interactive full learning session. Fully interactive by the team due to the presentation style." “Great trainers, well spoken, clear, enthusiastic session: Fab content. Simple. Realistic. Loved it! Best I’ve felt all day!"

Degree apprentice - future leaders event

“The day was very engaging and authentic. It also felt like it was in keeping with modern times and understanding our day today challenges we face. Relaxed and informative day.”

Buzz resilience training - The Co-op London

"Taught me to look at things more positively and kept everyone engaged."

Buzz resilience training

"Really enjoyed it. Lots of helpful tips to use in everyday life.'

Buzz resilience training - Bristol

"A great session, fully interactive full learning session. Fully interactive by the team due to the presentation style."

Buzz resilience training

Level 2, 3 & Degree resilience training

We can help launch an engaging and inspirational campaign that will support apprentices and speak their language.

Resilience workshops will help apprentices with:

  • Tools and techniques to help prepare for their exam
  • Provide life learnings that they can use going forward after their exam and engage them in the topic of building resilience
  • Build pride within the learners, encouraging them to support each other as a team and learn from each other
  • Help teams walk away with the inner confidence that they can resolve life’s challenges and have support
  • Help them on the journey of happiness

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