Delivering a ‘Heads Up’ with personal resilience training

Delivering a ‘Heads Up’ with personal resilience training

We’re back in Bristol today and tomorrow, delivering our fun and engaging personal resilience workshop called ‘Heads Up’.
10 learners from one of the support centres of our biggest retail clients, will gain valuable knowledge and understanding on how to bounce back from stressful situations, both home at home and at work and learn all about how their Circadian Rhythm has an impact on stress.

“Really useful and thought provoking, for work and home life. Good pace and fun but gave lots of interesting information to take away”

“Great workshop. Lots of interesting hints and tips which are easy to use and will help me with my own overall wellbeing”

If your colleagues would like more information on how to build personal resilience, then get in touch on 01924 666295 or use the contact form here