Diversity in our thinking as well as in our teams

Diversity in our thinking as well as in our teams

It’s brilliant when we are achieving as a team. We work well together, we seem to all be on the same wavelength, we often relax together and can finish each other’s sentences. Many of us work within brilliant diverse teams, we have all embraced inclusion and are proud of the positive behaviours we encourage.

But what happens when the team hits the speed bumps at work, when the targets get missed, the customers are no longer happy and very gently the team mechanics start to break up and synergies start becoming fragmented.

This is when, as leaders, we also need to encourage our great teams to get a diverse view and different view of the world.

The mental health of our brilliant teams is as important as the performance. Resilient leaders encourage and activity promote diversity of thinking, problem solving and as soon as the sign and symptoms appear that all is not well – they facilitate the activities that generate diversity in thinking. Then, before you know it, the team is back relaxing together, on the same wavelength and finishing each other’s sentences.

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