National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day

Did you know, around 10 million work days are lost every year as a result of stress-related illness?
420,000 cases were work-related!

Work stress is usually cited as being a result of workload, lack of control or support, change or uncertainty, among other causes. If you are experiencing stress at work, consider the following:

  • Spot the signs – If you experience insomnia, low energy or mood, pain in the form muscle tightness, headaches or chest pain, ask yourself if it could be down to stress
  • A problem shared – Your employer has a legal duty of care plus a professional interest in your wellbeing. Talk to your colleagues, line-manager or HR boss to avoid stress overload.
  • Relaxation – There are many ways to beat back stress. A technique known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, can be done at your desk. Combine calm, deep breathing with rhythmic muscle tensing and relaxing. Begin with the muscles in your feet and slowly work up the body.

To know where you stand with stress, try this stress test:

At Let’s Get Healthy we understand that change is constant within the workplace and the work-life can become stressful; If you and your teams would like help becoming resilient and mindful, learning to bounce back from stressful situations and changes, visit or call 01924 666 295 – We would love to hear from you!