Preventing burnout

Preventing burnout

Following a survey completed in 2020…

– Nearly 1 in 4 (23 percent) employees report feeling down, depressed, or hopeless often

– 41 percent feel burnt out, drained, or exhausted from their work

– More than 1 in 5 employees report COVID-19 has threatened the tangible parts of their jobs to a great extent or to a very great extent, including personal opportunities, job security, safe working conditions, and benefits and pay

– Over 1 in 3 employees (37 percent) reported having done nothing to cope with these feelings and only (7 percent) have reached out to a mental health professional.
(Source; SHRM COVID-19 Research)

We can easily become numb to this data and not react but leaders, please take a step back, reflect on the data and look to see what ways of working you can being it your organisation. You will see rapid improvements in your people and business.