Stress Awareness Day…our journey with stress

Stress Awareness Day…our journey with stress

Wednesday 1st November is National Stress Awareness Day.

  • ​One in four employees will suffer with a mental health issue this year alone.
  • Yet only 40% of employees feel confident saying they had a mental health issue.​

Let’s Get Healthy has been trading for 11 wonderful years. In the early days some clients when asked about the resilience of their teams would say “there is no such thing as stress and we don’t use that word in this business”, if we mentioned the words ‘mental health’ most eyes looked at the floors or looked pleadingly at us to say “please don’t ask me about it”.

Thankfully the world has moved on and we now have debates about “good and bad stress”, whether we should talk mental health with leaders or mental energy and how we engage teams to think how they protect themselves, their colleagues, friends and families.

What we have learnt on our journey is that helping employees and leaders become resilient to stress and share their learning is:

  • Amazingly rewarding
  • The right thing to do
  • Actually very easy to do
  • Makes a massive difference in lives, both ours and who we help each and every day

So on the important day, learn to become resilient and help those who need support. you will skip home feeling fulfilled and energised!

For more information on how we can help your workforce become more resilient, contact us on 01924 666 295​.