The physical impact of alcohol on the body

The physical impact of alcohol on the body

January is nearly over, the nights are already drawing out and the promise of spring is tantalisingly close. Dry January, where people stop drinking alcohol for the month, is also coming to an end for another year. But what physical benefits will those that are participating be experiencing and how can you continue to feel the benefits throughout the whole year?

On top of the obvious benefits of more money and no hangovers, drinking no or less alcohol can have a significant impact on your physical health.

Lose Weight – Alcoholic drinks contain a lot of sugar, fact! A glass of wine has the same amount of sugar as an ice cream, while a pint of cider contains as much sugar as a doughnut. So, if your New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight then cutting down your alcohol intake will definitely make a difference.

Liver Repair – Excessive drinking causes excess fat to build up on the liver which can lead to serious health issues. On the plus side, the liver will start to repair itself in two weeks, so anyone doing Dry January will certainly be reaping the benefits.

Ace the Workout – The liver produces blood sugars which are important for exercising. Alcohol reduces the amount of blood sugar that is produced and also dehydrates you. Cutting out alcohol may also mean your body recovers quicker which means that weight loss goal will be more achievable.

Tips to help you continue

If you have managed to stay off the booze this far, well done, keep going. If you want to keep reaping the benefits well into 2019, here are a few hints and tips to help you cut down the units.

Mocktails – Most bars now offer a decent selection of mocktails (alcohol free cocktails), so you get the taste and the experience of sipping cocktails in your favourite establishment without the alcohol units. Just beware, although the alcohol is removed, the sugar content is often very high so they might not be the best if you are also focused on weight loss. A Bloody Mary mocktail, it is one of the lowest calorie non-alcoholic drinks available.

Reward – With the money you save by not drinking treat yourself to something you would not ordinarily buy / be able to afford. Perhaps a massage, a gym membership or put it towards your summer holiday?

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