What an amazing week for mental health

What an amazing week for mental health

This week has been brilliant at Let’s Get Healthy. We have delivered Head Smart, Heads Up, Mind Matters, launched 3 digital games and we have been out delivering health checks – well done brilliant team !!

Employers who invest in programmes to improve the mental health and resilience of their teams have a business case to support the campaign. Just like any other business project, successes are closely measured and tracked:

– Changes in absence
– Increase in staff retention
– Engagement scores
– Use of support lines and service
– NPS and CSAT scores
– QA scores
– Near misses and safety incidents
– Cost of recruitment
– Advocacy
– Take up of a sponsored charity

Providing health and wellbeing campaigns is the right thing to do, but we should always demonstrate to the leadership teams how their business benefits as well – a win win for all.

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