Are you getting your 2 hours a day at work?

Are you getting your 2 hours a day at work?

Recently, Public Health England developed guidelines to help increase physical activity levels in the workplace.

It has been advised that workers should aim to firstly incorporate 2 hours a day of standing and light walking during working hours, with a long-term goal of 4 hours a day.

Here are a few simple steps to achieve this:

  • Use sit-stand adjustable desk stations
  • Take standing or walking meetings
  • Choose the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Escape the workplace with walking breaks

Here’s how sitting at your desk has become the new public health enemy

Did you know that the average office worker spends 65 to 75% of their working hours sitting? Prolonged sitting increases the risk of cardiometabolic diseases (diabetes, heart disease or stroke) and can lead to a reduced life expectancy.

The key to creating a physically active culture in the workplace is to break down barriers and make the active option the easy option. Let’s Get Healthy are experts in developing bespoke, employee-centric interventions that have a proven track record of high employee uptake.

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