Breaking down the B’s

Breaking down the B’s

Thrilled today to see the launch of a campaign for 6,000 employees who have worked every day during COVID-19. Over the last 4 months we have had the privilege to work with a dynamic board who have met every fortnight to develop and own the 2-year plan of activity.

So what are the B’s?

Burnout – commitment to help teams thrive, have mental and physical energy

Boundaries – end of day routines, impactful meetings, change management that places colleague’s mental health at the heart of all activities

Buddies – social events and connections established so loneliness and isolation are eradicated

Budget – helping everyone, at all levels, learn how to manage their finances now and in the future, to eradicate the stress of poor financial wellbeing

Belief – everybody to have the belief that they can achieve what they want from life and that their leaders will do all they can to help them achieve balance and belief

Well done to all involved – the process has been bbbbb ……. brilliant!

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