Burnout – it’s in a leaders power to stop it

Burnout – it’s in a leaders power to stop it

A survey of 7,500 full-time employees by Gallup found the top four reasons for burnout to be:
– Unfair treatment at work
– Unmanageable workload
– Lack of role clarity
– Lack of communication and support from their manager

When we look at this list it demonstrates that if we support and train our leaders to help avoid ways of working that lead to burnout, we can have a healthy and productive team.

If our leaders suspect they or their team may be suffering from burnout they should challenge themselves and those around them:

– What is making me/my colleagues so unhealthy?
– Why does our work environment lack in the conditions for them to thrive and be energised?
– How can I make it safe for me/my team to work here every day?