Why don’t you let people stand up in meetings?

Why don’t you let people stand up in meetings?

‘We love your sessions; they fly by and I always hit my step target’ – really flattering feedback from a manager who attended one of our recent insight workshops.

This is how the conversation followed:

Let’s Get Healthy (LGH) – “Do you have lots of meetings?”

Manager – “Back to backs all day, in fact I would say at least three and a half days a week are in meetings”

LGH – “How often do you stand up in them and stretch your legs?”

Manager – “I don’t, I would feel a total idiot, it’s just not what we do around here’

LGH – “So you’ve just attended an insight workshop to help get people healthier, physically stronger, mentally fitter and more agile at home and at work and you don’t think it would be right to stand up in a meeting”

Manager – “Ummmm – see what you mean, leave it with me “

You don’t need stand up desks to encourage leaders to promote movement at work, especially in head office environments – lead from the front and your teams will follow and move.