How Can You Capitalise On Compassion?

How Can You Capitalise On Compassion?


The modern world is an expensive place to live in and we work to afford it. But, is it true to say that nothing comes for free?

Well time is money, so time wasted is money lost. However, value doesn’t just come in the form of coins. In a human world, the currency of compassion comes at zero cost and an investment in wellbeing is no waste whatsoever.

So how can we capitalise on compassion for colleagues?

To the tap – While caught up in a task its easy to forget to drink anything for a while. If you’re filling up at the fountain, find out if your workmates need water

Gift of the gab – If you’re a talker you’ll know conversations at work can reduce to small-talk and end up on a daily loop. Invest a little effort to learn something new and positive about another staff member each week

Helping Hand – Deadlines can creep up and we’ve all been at the bottleneck before. So if your workload allows it, offer an hour of your time to a co-worker to share the load

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