Does You Ghrelin Gremlin Always Make you Hungry?

Does You Ghrelin Gremlin Always Make you Hungry?

A lack of sleep can play havoc with your hormone regulation, which has a domino effect on your energy, appetite and nutrition decisions.

When we get less than the recommended amount of sleep (7-9 hours), this can cause ghrelin, a hunger hormone, to be released from cells in the stomach lining, coaxing you to reach for calorie-dense, carby and fatty foods to make up the energy debt.

In such a busy working world, we need a plan to prevent the ghrelin gremlin getting to us:

Dream Defence – Heading to bed to catch those extra Z’s is the best prevention. Sleep is recovery time, so more rest means you’ll be on top form tomorrow.

Snack Attack – If you’re reaching for treats and sweets to battle the energy slump, pre-plan and have healthy snacks to hand at work. Go nuts with almonds or loot the fruit bowl for ammo.

Water Win – Drinking regularly will keep your brain alert and stomach satisfied between meals. Wield a water bottle to ensure you drink the recommended 2 litres daily.

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