Charge up – YOU

Charge up – YOU

We recently visited a brilliant client who really worked hard to engage and support their colleagues.

As we stood by the telephone and laptop chargers watching people power up numerous pieces of technology, they turned and said to me “wouldn’t it be great if we all paid as much attention to powering up our mental and physical energy as we do our technology?”

Did you know that energy imbalance leads to higher levels of illness and obesity? It also reduces your creativity and affects your ability to make decisions.

Everything that we do either enhances or diminishes our energy levels.

Here are a few reminders of great rituals to build into our daily routines;

Mood booster 
Exercise is a great escape, both mentally and physically. If we are rarely moving, the body stays in a relatively low energy state, which can keep our mood just as sluggish. With a boost in physical activity comes a boost in happy mood chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin.

Blood pumper 
Find an activity that you enjoy and make it part of your life. When we get active with exercise such as walking, the increased blood flow allows more oxygen to be transported around the body and brain. With better oxygen delivery, the mind and muscles are alert and ready for action.

Be grateful
Remind yourself of the things you are grateful or thankful for in your life. Gratitude will make you think more positively and give you more mental energy. Being grateful places things in perspective. For example, you might be upset about being stuck in traffic. Being grateful for your family will remind you of the traffic’s relative insignificance.

When you power up your mobile phone, take a breath, what have you done today to power up your mental health and resilience?

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