Positive self talk – saying is believing

Positive self talk – saying is believing

Throughout the day and night, we are constantly analysing and evaluating the world around us as well as our own actions within it. Often this is in a negative way “that was a stupid decision” or “I can’t do this I’ve got no chance”.

Before you know it you begin to lose your self-esteem and learners who have attended our resilience workshops describe to us that they feel ‘mentally down’.

To power up our mental fitness, we can practice small techniques that cost zero money and tiny amounts of time.

Practice positive self-talk

With practice and awareness you can test, challenge and change how you talk to yourself. 

Here are some tips to help you turn your thoughts around:

– Give yourself credit – every day, compliment yourself for the things that you do well

– Observe your self-talk – nip negative talk in the bud. Tell yourself a positive message instead

– Check in with your feelings – stop during events or bad days and evaluate your self-talk. Is it becoming negative? How can you turn it around?

– Create a habit – through observation, awareness and practice turn your self-talk to positive and start to inspire yourself and those around you

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