Create new ways of working

Create new ways of working

It’s a great time to start new healthy routines that cost NO money at all. Healthy routines and conversations lead to healthy choices and we can all pass on these tips to our work colleagues and friends.

Go to bed in time to get enough sleep

When you rest and recharge you start to make better choices in life. It’s quite tough at the moment, and giving you and your family time to rest is important. It may take 10-15 days to get into a new sleep routine but early to bed, early to rise.

Lay out your clothes for tomorrow

If you are planning to exercise, put those clothes nearest you and your work cloths behind them. I know colleagues who put their trainers on the bottom step of the stairs and aim for a 10 minute – max 20 minute walk/run before anyone else awakes.

Gather everything that you’ll need to walk out the door in the morning

Healthy drinks, healthy food; prepare it all in advance. New month, new routine, don’t wait for January …do it now.

Spread the good news

For those of us working in teams, start the conversation and chat to colleagues about the successes they are having, no matter how small, celebrate. You will sprint towards 2023 bursting with great mental health, energy and making healthy choices.

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