Don’t forget to laugh

Don’t forget to laugh

During our virtual training, we have had some ‘proper belly laughs’. Delivery men banging on windows, dogs insisting their voice should be heard and children showing us how great teddies, dolls and wrestlers are and how stupid we , as adults are to be ignoring them.

J Stewart Black recently reminded us all as leaders, how important it is that we embrace this laughter and encourage it.

Normally people laugh about x18 times per day and 97% of that time we’re laughing with others.

  • We are x30 times more likely to laugh with others than to laugh alone
  • Laughing releases endorphins into our blood where they make their way into the brain and spine.
  • Endorphins help relieve pain and trigger feelings of pleasure
  • When we laugh, our brain releases dopamine — a neurotransmitter that creates a sense of euphoria, enhancing motivation and attention too

In fact, the overall health benefits of laughter and the neuro chemicals involved include improved immune functioning, stress relief, reduced anxiety, sense of safety and improved mood Laughter is also associated with higher motivation and productivity at work.

So have some fun in June and help your teams have that good old fashioned ‘belly laugh’