Don’t miss the basics

Don’t miss the basics

The hydration for health initiative has pulled together some brilliant research on the impact of dehydration on our brains, mood and thinking. Many of us our now wearing masks 8 hours a day, sat on video’s calls and could be forgetting to stay hydrated. Being physically resilient helps our mental resilience.

The studies shown that even mild dehydration can affect both thinking (memory and attention) and mood (tension and anxiety).

Overall, most of these studies found that mild dehydration altered several mood parameters, the findings include;

  • Dehydration has deleterious impacts on cognition
  • Dehydration of 2% or more body mass loss can increase perception of fatigue, induce impairment in cognitive functions such as memory and attention, and alter mood
  • Even below 2% body mass loss fatigue appears, mood is altered, and several cognitive functions might be impaired (memory, attention …)

So, keep wearing your masks, being brilliant, virtual leaders but don’t forget some of the basics of great mental and physical resilience.

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