Having fun with G’s Fresh – What have we learnt

Having fun with G’s Fresh – What have we learnt

We have had a brilliant time with the leaders at G’s Fresh. Their programme for leaders called Thrive covers all elements of leadership development and as part of their people strategy…… health, safety and wellbeing has always been at the top of their agenda.

Since 2012 their leaders have learnt about their own personal health and wellbeing and that of their teams. So, what can we share about what’s great at G’s so you can learn from it:

1. Health and safety have the same priority – healthy and energised colleagues thrive in safety conscious environments

2. Seasonal work is challenging, massive peaks and troughs in activity – a core team have busy, busy times throughout the year

3. Sponsorship from the top is a massive help – The owner and CEO has made a point of attending many of our training days, ensuring understands why G’s Fresh continue to invest in its people

4. Sharing your best practice with suppliers, competitors is a brilliant way to help ensure communities start talking about health and wellbeing

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