Link between lack of sleep and poor mental health

Link between lack of sleep and poor mental health

Abigail Butcher recently shared some data which illustrates the importance of helping colleagues learn tools and techniques to have great quality sleep.

· People in the UK get half an hour less sleep each night than the global average

· A survey commissioned by Sainsbury’s in 2018 found that UK adults were averaging just six hours and 19 minutes of sleep each night and getting the recommended eight hours just two nights a week

· Philips research found that the average amount achieved by adults over the age of 25 worldwide is 6 hours 48 minutes

· The Philips global survey found that eight in ten adults want to improve the quality of their sleep, yet the majority (60 per cent) have not sought help from a medical professional

· Professor Adrian Williams of the London Sleep Centre, says lack of sleep leads to increased adrenalin and cortisol levels, overeating, impaired attention and memory, and it causes people to become irritable and emotionally volatile

We find that when we launch a campaign offering face to face workshops and digital learning, the most popular educate employees how to have great quality sleep. As the above research shows there is a direct link between sleep and mental health.
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