How can you as a colleague support stress?

How can you as a colleague support stress?

Talk about stress, encourage colleagues to chat to each other about how they are feeling, signpost them to support, suggest activities that help you all stand up to everyday stress.

Chatting through the following in a team meeting is a great way to get started.

S – Stress is the feeling of not being in control – this is one of many definitions – get colleagues to chat about what stresses them out and provide tools and techniques to build resilience

T – Team work – helping colleagues to think about team resilience, this will build a community of support – educate line managers on how to improve team resilience

R – Resilience – it’s easy to build personal resilience when you know how – set up short workshops to educate colleagues how to be resilient

E – Engage – Engage colleagues to think and talk about their health and wellbeing. Do what you can to help them make small improvements in all areas of their wellbeing

S – Social – Encourage colleagues to get to know each other and spot signs and symptoms in themselves and each other so when times get challenging they know to get support ASAP

S – Support – Raise awareness of all the support that is available to colleagues, The NHS, EAP’s, local charities, line managers and trusted colleagues

If you would like help to reduce stress levels in the workplace, please get in touch with the

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