How & why should we try our best to stay active at work

How & why should we try our best to stay active at work

Millions of us have jobs that require us to sit at desks or around conference tables for several hours per day. Many health risks are associated with sitting down for prolonged periods.

Research has demonstrated that sitting for an extended period is linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, and an increased risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

Excessive sitting may also slow metabolism, which has an impact on the body’s ability to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as break down body fat.

Being physically fit can also protect against some of the harms of stress in the workplace. Stress can lead to impaired mental wellbeing, depressive symptoms, and high blood pressure, all of which could lead to absences from work.

1. Cycle / walk to work
Depending on the location of your job and how far you work from home, try changing how you get to and from work.

2. Stand up regularly
Something as simple as standing up now and then while at work could help curb the related health risks of sitting for too long.

3. Move more
Moving more may sound obvious when trying to be less sedentary, but when we are engrossed in work we forget to move.

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