International Stress Awareness Week

International Stress Awareness Week

Next week’s International Stress Awareness week (2nd – 6th November) aims to develop greater understanding of stress and the impact on our mental health during Covid-19.

We are privileged to work with several global companies who have colleague’s ad suppliers across the globe, all are committed to reducing mental health problems and increasing personal resilience.

If you to have a global network, include in your health and wellbeing learning that covers the typical challenges.

Balance – working across time zones and finding work-life balance.

Authentic communication – building relationships with different colleagues having different languages.

Celebrating cultures – each culture across the globe is different and we need to celebrate them, striving for diversity rather than conformity.

Ensure that during international stress awareness week you collaborate across the globe for tools and techniques to build personal resilience and reduce the trigger for stress.

For more information on our workshops and eLearning on improving personal resilience and preventing mental health problems check out

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