Let’s have some fun in November

Let’s have some fun in November

“I am exhausted and cannot think of ideas to engage my team before Christmas, we are ‘virtually’ drained.”

November can be a brilliant month of fun as you start getting your teams to think about ways to improve their wellbeing.

Below are some ideas:

1. Finish your meetings 15 minutes early and give the gift of fresh air – everybody go for a walk outside

2. Selfie giggles – when you smile – I do! It’s a fact whether it’s virtually or face to face-share some smiling selfies in your next team meeting

3. Belly button love – if on virtual call – get everyone to stand up, so what you can just see everybody’s belly and not their face – you are giving the gift of movement!

It’s so easy to give gifts of wellbeing that are free, help colleagues and can help them towards a healthier life. See if you can do one a day in November and share with us your ideas.