It’s Better With a Friend

It’s Better With a Friend

Whenever you start up a new activity, it can be exciting and fun. However, there can be days where you feel de-motivated and need that supportive boost to stay on-track.

We all experience negative thoughts ‘I’m too tired, stressed and don’t have time’ or ‘I find exercise boring’.

Exercise with a friend, it’ll add a social vibe that will make achieving goals effortless.

Why it’s better with a friend?

Accountability – It is very easy to make excuses not to be active. If you’re not feeling up to it, a friend may give you the positive push you need to get going

Enjoyment – With a friend, you can talk about your week, give advice and have a giggle . Time will fly by!

Competition – Friendly competition naturally makes us raise our game. Seeing someone else progress triggers an internal drive to reach a new personal best.

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