July – The lens you choose to look through

July – The lens you choose to look through

We all know to have a brilliant, engaging health and wellbeing campaign it has to be planned well, use many communication channels and reach as many employees as possible.

In the short-term, we can choose what language and conversations we have.

J – Juggling- speak to any colleague and they will share their worries about money. With a deep recession forecast already families are thinking about how they handle Christmas and what they can afford to spend over the summer

U – Uncertainty – 2nd wave, yes or no, lockdown on or off, visit to hairdresser or stay with COVID-19 mop – there is so much uncertainty that we have to help colleagues cope with their anxiety and fears

L – Loneliness – The thought of another 3 months working from home is filling some colleagues with dread. With the kids on school holidays and the lovely weather, sat working at home day in day out is starting to feel isolating

Y – Yo Yo – there is so much change and mixed messages. It changes by the day and employers are struggling to commit to financial or operational plans

July is a great month to look through the different lenses our colleagues look through and revisit all health and wellbeing plans. For help with yours, visit