Keep it SIMPLE and love yourself

Keep it SIMPLE and love yourself

Mental Health Awareness week is all about body image. The way we feel about the way we look can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. If you are struggling with your body image, keep it SIMPLE:

S – Be Social for mental health. Don’t disconnect with friends and colleagues – share problems and seek support.

I – Think I, be selfish and learn to look after you – learn to say no when you have too much on so you don’t get overwhelmed.

M – Mental health – there are loads of helpful tips and support online. Check out the NHS Moodzone for 5 steps to improve mental wellbeing.

P – Prioritising your Physical health will help with your body image goals as well as being important for your mental health.

L – Find something you Love. Having a hobby gives us a sense of purpose, which is critical for maintaining a positive attitude.

E – Eating healthily will boost your mood and help you to be happy in your own skin.

For more information on supporting colleagues with their mental health please contact us on 01924 666295.