Should you use emojis to communicate in the workplace?

Should you use emojis to communicate in the workplace?

The evolution of language used in technology has brought the creation of the emoji; little faces that can tell someone what you’re thinking and feeling, but is this form of communication professional in the workplace?

The smiley face attached to the end of on email or message may seem warming but a study done in the Journal of Negotiation and Conflict Management Research showed that although the receiver may feel warmer when receiving an emoji it could lead to mis-translation of the message. This risk of misunderstanding may prove to be time consuming and their perception of your professional competency could be distorted.

Emojis can be a fun way of communicating thoughts and feelings in the workplace but it’s imperative that emojis are used in the right context and at the right time.

When using an email, treat it as though you are making a first impression especially when building new relationships, emojis may be something to be used among work colleagues and not when communicating with other businesses.

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