Stress may be contagious but so is calm

Stress may be contagious but so is calm

Stress doesn’t feel good to have, nor does it feel good to be around and stress spreads like a raging fire. It is also a major health threat in today’s business world. It causes a range of psychological problems like burnout, depression and anxiety.

Even those who lead relatively relaxed lives constantly come into contact with stressed individuals. Most of us think about the damage that stress causes us. Yet, few consider the negative impact of their stress on others.

Hedges suggest to stop your stress from impacting others (and wearing you down), consider these steps to better manage it.

  • Keep a stress diary for one week. At the end of each day, make a note of when you felt stressed, including details about the specific situation and what was happening at the time. Look for help to help you with the times you felt stressed and do the same exercise each week
  • If your job doesn’t have natural breaks, create recovery periods for yourself
  • We can even have ‘meta-stress’ where we stress about having stress. Seek out ways to improve your resilience and learn to tackle work with calmness. It will help you and those around you

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