Why not ditch the car for a day and cycle into work?

Why not ditch the car for a day and cycle into work?

Did you know on the 15th August it is Cycle to Work Day, this is the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event to promote the fun and healthy hobby of riding a bike. Which is great at this time of year!

To demonstrate how easy it is, Ben (in the picture) has cycled in to the office this week covering a whopping 20 mile a day return journey! Well done Ben!

If you are in two minds, then read on to discover 3 reasons why you should try it:

  • Parking couldn’t be easier – Finding a space to park a car can be frustrating, but 20 bikes can fit into just one car parking space, so there’s no need to get stressed about finding a spot!
  • It’s free – Tired of the constant rise in petrol prices? Well riding your bike is going to save you a fortune. As well as reducing the amount of time you waste in the car. According to research in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, each additional hour spent in a car per day is associated with a 6% increase in the likelihood of obesity! All the more reason to leave it at home
  • Do your bit for the environment – An average car produces over 4 tons of carbon dioxide per year (USEPA) whereas on your bike, you are the engine, so the only energy burnt is calories

If you want to download an employer pack to get started, which includes posters, guides and copy for an email then click here.