April – Stress awareness month, are you ready?

stress awareness month

April – Stress awareness month, are you ready?

1992 gave us:

·     The 25th Olympics Games in Barcelona

·     Bill Clinton elected as the 42nd US President

·     Disneyland Paris opening in France

·     3 astronauts walking in space at the same time, for the first time and …….

The launch of April as Stress Awareness month to raise public awareness of the causes, signs and coping strategies for stress.

Here are a few activities we have already been busy planning with our clients:

·     Suppliers invited to join HEADSMART mental health awareness training with their line managers

·     Promotion of EAP line and local mental health charities invited in to meet colleagues and share what support they provide to the local community

·     Stress busting walks in breaks and at lunch time, to encourage everyone whether working from home or in the office to get more active

·     Stress management and building workshops provided in the evenings for colleagues and family members invited to join in

·     Mindfulness puzzles issued to all

Let’s all make 2022 the best ever Stress Awareness month

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