Avoid burnout – ‘I’m having lunch’

Avoid burnout – ‘I’m having lunch’

Gallup reported in February 2021 that ‘The most widespread concern of chief HR Directors is by far wellbeing and mental health. Many forewarn that burnout is on the horizon. Some are already seeing the signs.’

So what can we do as leaders to role model getting active during the day and taking a lunch break.

Remote or at work leaders – can you create an ‘at lunch’ notification, share with teams that you will be away from your desk at lunch and you will be getting some fresh air.

Ruchika Tulshyan highlights in her article for Gallup that it’s not the meal you have at lunch but the empowerment to the team that they can take a break, get out in the sun, rearrange meetings so they don’t happen around lunch time and protect time for themselves.

Preventing burnout is a leaders responsibility and for them to ‘Be Their Best Self’ and encourage the same for their teams, they need to role model good behaviours.

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