Make room at work for grief

Make room at work for grief

Grief is the personal experience of loss. Mourning is the process through which, with help from others, colleagues learn to face loss, navigate through it, and slowly, very slowly return to life. 

Good work is really helpful in this process and the line manager offering consistent support, routine and conversation can really help those of us who have lost a loved one.

Sharing and talking about grief creates a space to deal with the loss.

When we deliver our CPD accredited HEART training, line managers often feel a desperate need to help colleagues and customers, but their toolbox and knowledge is empty. Please do consider powering up their skills, with so many colleagues now returning to work, COVID-19 has many needing this valuable space.

For more information on our CPD accredited HEART workshops which are currently being delivered virtually supported by an online portal, get in touch with the

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