Be stronger each and every day

Be stronger each and every day

Building personal and team resilience initiatives come in many guises. We have designed and delivered a campaign called Rise which includes one day of training for all colleagues to educate them and allow them to practice/discuss evidence-based techniques in teams. Followed up with a toolkit, we then guide them through all the key learnings to ensure they are embedded. These techniques can be then run in team meetings so employees can practice them each and every day.

Planning for 2019 and helping teams build resilience should also include sponsorship and endorsement of the NHS events. They provide great insight for employees and wonderful resources. A brilliant example to start working on now is Dry January.

Dry January challenges you to go alcohol free for 31 days and aims to raise awareness of the effects of alcohol. Click on the link to download workplace resources and also see the NHS Choices infographic for more information on alcohol awareness.

Plan now to engage your teams and January can start with a brilliant campaign that will engage a large percentage of your colleagues. If you need help with this then call our award winning team on 01924 666295