Building a resilient team in 2020

Building a resilient team in 2020

The results of a survey to almost 2,000 NCAA coaches (Kirkman, Stoverink, Mistry and Rosen) asked for coaches’ perspective on how they build resilient teams – it’s a great read.

So how does your team rate against the following?

“They believe they can effectively complete tasks together.” Does your team have confidence in their ability to be successful, do the team members collectively believe that they can effectively complete tasks?

“They share a common mental model of teamwork.”

If you asked your team to write down each other’s roles, responsibilities and the ways they would like to interact with one another during adversity – would they have common answers?

“They are able to improvise.”

How does your team improvise, how do they develop new ideas, do they use these to handle challenges or do they rely on the same team members?

“They trust one another and feel safe.”

How would your team score in their openness to talk about their great and poor mental health, what they find makes them happy and where their personal challenges are?

Why you don’t ask the questions in your next team meeting and see if you can start your year off with a strong 8/10