What is burnout and why is everybody talking about it?

What is burnout and why is everybody talking about it?

Burnout is often defined as “an experience of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, caused by long-term involvement in situations that are emotionally demanding”(Health-care worker burnout and the mental health imperative. Lancet. 2009 Aug 22374(9690):595-7.)

Increasingly employers are worried about it because data shows it is increasing within our teams. Burnout often hits our most talented colleagues first, as they work longer hours, sleep less, they worry about work and often are given the most work to do. It can happen to anybody and is very rarely tackled in the workplace so please do try and spot signs in yourself and others.

Some of the basic signs at the start are:

· Poor concentration and memory

· Insomnia and waking up during the night

· Fatigue and constant feeling of low energy

· Guilt for not doing enough either at home or work

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Isolation and a feeling you want to be on your own more than normal

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