Burnout – understand the risks

Burnout – understand the risks

Be Your Best Self, our CPD accredited learning to help build personal and team resilience has a dedicated module covering tools and techniques to prevent and recover from burnout.

Many senior leaders ask about the risks of burnout – there are many, below are a few to think about:

 – The increasing pressure to work long hours, sometimes solo on complex challenges at work

– Lack of control of your work and balance between home life and the needs of work

– Isolation due to a lack of inclusion whether it be gender, cultural differences, race

– Work overload as we transition through change

– Being poorly managed

– Increased managerial responsibility and lack of capability

– Dealing with vulnerability and suffering

The list does demonstrate why line managers need to be aware of the dangers of burnout in themselves and their teams. Contact the #mentalhealth #burnoutprevention #leaders #leadership #resilience