Dealing with death each and every day

Dealing with death each and every day

There are a group of hero’s who work each and every day with patients, customers, colleagues and support those who have a lost a loved one. They are a hidden workforce who are mostly needed to: 

  • register our death claim 
  • bury our dead
  • care for our most precious family members right up until they pass away
  • guide those left to adapt to a new way of life

They help people mourn from different cultures, they deal with vulnerability with a nobility that many of us aspire to, they support those with mental health problems as they would anyone; deprivation, substance abuse, lack of financial wellbeing, anger, tears, they deal with it all, often with no formal training.

Topics of learning that help

These workers are the at the heart of our community and building up their tools and techniques to learn about the following is so incredibly rewarding:

·      Understand the stages of grief and the associated behaviours

·      Learn about the act of mourning and how to support those in need

·      Discuss and adapt their ways of working to support the vulnerable 

·      Safeguard their own mental health and building up tools and techniques to become resilience to the daily challenges

·      Integrate self-care methodologies to understand and cope with compassion fatigue

·      Cope with vicarious traumatisation

·      Know where to go for help

Developing an annual programme to train all of these valuable colleagues not only helps them become brave and strong hearted but also the employer and the community they work within.

for more information on our specialist HEART training which is delivered virtually and online and to discuss what’s working for other organisations, get in touch with the or visit our website

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