Is he shouting? Virtual techniques

Is he shouting? Virtual techniques

I was privileged to attend a town hall of a wonderful client who I have worked with for many, many years – indeed the CEO and I laugh that we have become old and grey together.

It was time for the first virtual annual staff conference for all colleagues to attend and the man I know as empathetic, caring, inspirational and successful started his keynote…. …bellowing into the screen. WhatsApp and Slack groups exploded, as the realisation that Mr X hadn’t really engaged with everyone virtually before.

We provide virtual CPD accredited training most days, so for those who are new to virtual presentations, here are our tips:

1.    Do a mini rehearsal and record yourself – stand up if, like me, you are a fidgiter

2.    Talk normally and engage your audience, tell stories, use comparisons, don’t always use PowerPoints, use props, ask questions

3.    Accept that you might be looking a distracted learners, the delivery man has arrived, the cat is walking on the key board, the child is throwing a yogurt all over the carpet – it’s all part of working from home, just smile and remember it’s difficult, at times, for everyone

4.    Accept you are brilliant, and no one is expecting you to be a movie star and win Oscars – be you and your personality will shine through ……and don’t shout!!

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